Worcester Food Day Photo Contest Winners Announced! 

Photo Contest results are in!  Please note that photos without categories have been assigned categories.

Category 1: Making Healthy Eating Fun

1st Place: Darci Kyriazis – “Boy with Tomatoes”

2nd Place: ESWAorg – “Healthy Eating Class”

3rd Place: Luke Moore – “LOVE Beans”

Category 2: Growing Your Own

1st Place: Patrick McDonald – “Boy with Seedlings”

2nd Place: Beth Fleming – “Girls with Tomatoes”

3rd Place: Mia McDonald – “Wormy Squirmies”

Category 3: Buying Local

1st Place: ESWA.org – “Mobile Farmers Market”

2nd Place: Mia McDonald – “Purse Herbs”

3rd Place: Susan Bushy Manning – Boy with Corn”

Category 4: Fighting Hunger

1st Place: ESWAorg – “Meals on Wheels Delivery”

2nd Place: Worcester County Food Bank – “Paper Plates”

3rd Place: Sally Hodgerney – “Boy with Tuna”

All above winners are kindly asked to send a high quality version of their winning photos to [email protected] with the photo title and caption that they wish to see printed with it.  They are also cordially invited to present their photos at a gallery opening at Worcester City Hall on Tuesday the 21st of October at 5:00 pm where we will have some appetizers and cider.  Attire is casual.  It is here that you can pick up the framed print of your photo.  All 1st place winners will also be displayed at the Food & Active Living Policy Council table at Worcester Food Day on Saturday, October 18th in Fuller Family Park.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first annual Worcester Food Day Photo Competition! All the photos were thoughtful and beautiful.  We hope to see you again next year.

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