About the Council


The purpose of the Worcester Food & Active Living Policy Council is to bring together the many actors and players who wish to affect the food and active living environments in Worcester, MA.  This includes organizations, institutions, businesses, residents, and more.  The Council meetings are a place for issues to raised and solutions created.

Our mission is to engage diverse partners to foster a healthy and just food system and active community environment.

Individually and collectively we will:

  • Educate ourselves, the community and policy makers on food systems and built environment issues that concern our city.
  • Advocate for environment, policy, and systems change.
  • Eliminate inequity as it relates to food access and a healthy, safe built environment.
  • Incorporate diverse perspectives and members so as to fully represent the Worcester community.
  • Collaborate widely to effect a cultural change towards healthy eating and active living.
  • Celebrate our assets, actions, and accomplishments.