Advocacy Priorities

Our advocacy work is divided into general policy advocacy work and our legislative priorities.   Our general advocacy work focuses on issues that may or may not be connected to any specific and current ordinances, orders, legislation, etc.  Our legislative priorities are bills that we are actively advocating for the passing of at either the state or federal level.

Below is an overview of the issues are advocating for locally as well as a list of the legislation we are supporting.  Visit the Legislative Priorities page to learn more about the bills and budget line items we are advocating for!

Local Issue Priorities:

  • Urban Agriculture
  • Healthy School Food
  • Healthy Food Retail
  • SNAP (formerly Food Stamps)
  • Complete Streets & Bike/Pedestrian Plan
  • Public Participation in Transportation/Streetscape Project Design Process
  • Leverage and Connect Transportation Investments

Legislative Priorities:

  • Act to Expand Access to Healthy Foods  (S.380/H.168) 
  • An Act to facilitate the growth of innovative food enterprises in the Commonwealth (S.348) 
  • $10 million increase to reduce worker caseloads Line Item: 4400-1100 (DTA SNAP Workers).
  • An Act Relative to Active Streets And Healthy Communities (S.68/H.3091)
  • Transportation Investment Act (S.1646/H.D.3119) 
  • Physical Education for Healthy Kids Act (S.246/H.478) 
  • An Act to Support the Planning and Development of Sustainable Communities (H.1859).

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