The Worcester Food Hub: An Economic Development Project Around Local Food

By FALPC Intern Jacquelyn Burmeister Worcester County boasts being the one of the most important agricultural producers in the state.  The majority of our producers are small farms, containing 65 acres or less of land.  This means that when we buy local in Worcester, we are directly supporting families and small businesses, and not large, … Continue reading

Are You Defending Your “Right to Know”?

By Kristina Kalolo, FALPC Intern Two Massachusetts legislative committees are considering five bills that would require the labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Essentially, these bills would require the words “genetically engineered” to be present on the front of packaging and that processed foods would say “partially produced with genetic engineering” (approximately 75 percent of … Continue reading

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog of the Worcester Food & Active Living Policy Council!  Here we’ll share information and opinions on food and active living related news, events, policy, organizations, and more!  We hope to feature guest bloggers from local and state-level organizations on a regular basis, as well as feature exciting model policy work from … Continue reading