Working Groups

WalkBike Worcester

WalkBike Worcester (WBW) aims to make walking and biking in Worcester more safe, pleasant, and convenient. WBW works with city officials and community groups, holds community events, and conducts local research to raise awareness and encourage policy changes.

WBW carries forward active transportation priorities established under the Mass in Motion grant (Worcester Division of Public Health). Relationships among a wide range of city departments and community partners form the basis for action on opportunities Mass in Motion identified to improve local policies affecting walkability and bikeability in the city. For more info contact Karin Valentine Goins at [email protected].

WalkBike Worcester meets on the third Wednesday of every month at NU Cafe on Chandler St.

Urban Agriculture

The Urban Agriculture Working Group aims to increase the viability of and opportunities for urban agriculture within Worcester. This includes reviewing and proposing policy to support community gardens, educational agriculture, commercial agriculture and raising poultry. For more info contact Liz Sheehan Castro at [email protected].

The Urban Ag Working Group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 10 AM at NU Cafe on Chandler St..


The SNAP Working Group aims to increase access to SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) benefits for residents of Worcester through increasing outreach, educating the public on SNAP benefits, and advocating for relevant federal and state policy that supports the SNAP program. We meet on the 4th Friday of every month at 10 AM at the Worcester Division of Public Health offices at 25 Mead St.  For more info contact Liz Sheehan Castro at [email protected].

Early Childhood Obesity Working Group NEW!

This working group is just in its forming phase and the focus and workplan are not yet set.  This group came about as a result of the Worcester Community Health Improvement Plan which set a goal of reducing the 1st grade obesity rates in Worcester.  Dianne Bruce of Edward Street Childcare Services is chairing the group and can be reached at [email protected]